If you love your pets and would love to have them hanging around, .. well, we can help.  This gives you an opportunity to find the right photo and upload it – then we take it from there. Enjoy this unique opportunity as a treasure for your home, or unique wall decoration for your guests to admire.  Great as gifts, and affordable!

My special Pet

I want to share him!

There aren’t too many ways to share our special pets with the “world” – – but with family and friends, or visitors we can show them a special picture we chose to hang upon our corner… so they can see how much he means to us!  It’s not a huge expense, and we can keep it for a long long time!   Whether up on the wall in a frame.. or hang it from a rod – – doesn’t matter (personal taste leaves it up to you), but it’s just “special”.   (If you know of someone who would love one as a gift item…please feel free to send in the photo and we will make sure they get it as a gift from you!)