Treasure Your Pets on Canvas!

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Do You Love Your Pet? Show It!
You Love Them, Treasure them on canvas

Have you ever wondered how to make a new area of your home bring out the best, while adding a unique style, and home feeling?

We have the answer, and would love you to test it.  Interested?

How many pet photos are in your storage box, or album?  Surely you have one that exceeds the others and lends to great discussion when guests arrive.  Well… why not embellish that photo and place it in a center area that gets noticed, giving your family that feeling of “wow”, I can’t keep my eyes off of that corner!  It’s your work, yet displayed for all guests to see (and your eyes too of course!).

One more unique point… you don’t have to hang it in a picture frame!  What?  … Yes…  Why not hang it on a rod that embellishes it’s unique flavor in that corner?  Give it the spark of life and character, instead of the old run-of-the-mill photo in glass.  Take it beyond the norm.  Make it Your Home Creativity

(Your Pet’s Photo on Canvas!).